Please note that the following self-assessment tool is provided in good faith and is based on the Psychologists Board’s current requirements for registration as a Psychologist in New Zealand. The statements made below are based on your responses, are indicative only, and are non-binding. A binding decision can and will only be provided in response to a formal application for registration (which involves a much more detailed assessment process).

(Note: The Board’s current standards for registration are outlined in our “Decision Guidelines Relating to Part 2 of the HPCA Act”, which can be viewed on the “Resources” page of our website.)

The questions that follow focus on four broad categories of registration standards:
• Registration status in other countries.
• Academic qualifications (country of training, programme and institution status, mode of training, practical components, equivalence to New Zealand qualifications).
• Fitness for registration (language, character, criminal or professional conduct record).
• Required documentation.

You can discontinue the self-assessment at any time by simply closing your browser. You can also choose to complete all of the questions, even where an earlier response indicates you may not be eligible for registration.

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